We know that in today’s digital world, everyone and everything has to be secure which brings in the importance of cyber security. All the latest technologies have a dependency on the cyber security field so the world is understanding its importance and moving towards achieving a safe digital world.

The GCSC will help in learning and implementing the skills needed for achieving digital safety and security of an individual and also help in gaining hands-on technical experience about how real-world cyber security works.
The cyber club aims to increase students' awareness of computers and their uses in our daily life, with a view to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are better suited to deal with information technology.

4 Things to Keep You Cyber Safe Turn on Multifactor Authentication. Implement multifactor authentication on your accounts and make it significantly less likely you'll get hacked. Update Your Software. Update your software. Think Before You Click. Think before you click. Use Strong Passwords.

Er.Rojali Patra (Club Head & HOD of Civil Engineering )
Er.Aloka Ranjan Sahu(Convener )
Er.Amaresh Choudhury (Club Co-ordinator)
Contact info: Gandhi School Of Engineering Chidananda Hills, Bhabandha, Berhampur, Odisha,761003 Contact Number: 7064375655