The institute follows a defined procedure to conduct the campus recruitment as mentioned below:

  The Placement Department sends Placement invitation letters to the companies with a briefness of the courses available in Gandhi School of Engineering.

  In response, concerned companies are requested to send a brief company profile, job profile (JD) and details about campus recruitment drive to the Placement Officer.

  The company can visit the campus for a Pre-Placement Talk either before the selection process or can combine it with the final recruitment in Offline/Online mode.

 On receiving information file, the placement office announces the requirements of the company, asking interested students to submit their Profiles which are then handed over to the company in excel format. 

 The company is required to shortlist candidates from the provided application pool and eligibility data file and send the same with shortlisted candidates to the Placement Office at the earliest. 

 A mutually convenient date is finalized for the selection process/ recruitment drive.

Eligibility & Registration 

 All final Semester students of Gandhi School of Engineering eligible to participate in the recruitment process for placements through the Training and Placement (T&P) Cell. 

 All the students eligible for on-campus/Off campus recruitment activities have to register themselves with T&P.

Selection Process

  Each aspiring student is eligible for a single appointment through campus placement. After receiving an appointment letter from any reputed company, concerned student is automatically deregistered from recruitment process. 

 Each eligible student will be required to fill up his/her individual preferences in all details provided in advance before one day. The preferences are editable before 24 hrs of the recruitment event within official Working hours.