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As the name suggests this discipline is elemental to all the branches of . Being fundamental to all disciplines, it emerges as an indispensable and important area of research. The three important areas are Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry which comprise the domain of Basic science. The broad spectrum of this discipline makes its scope almost border-free. It permeates through the courses and brings up the applications of core branches. It is that strand that holds as disciplines under one gravitation pull and chemical bonding and further differentiates then into fields of higher research.

A career in cannot be materialized until one has got a strong hold on mathematics, physics and chemistry. The market is today feeling a dearth of mathematicians, physicists and experts in chemistry. The upcoming technological tsunami has created an umbrella of opportunities for those aspiring to achieve greater heights in or research. There is huge demand for specialists in basic science in aerospace industry, nuclear research and space technology and computer science.

IT Services at GSE

The department of basic science in GSE includes physics, chemistry, mathematics, physics of semiconductor devices, material science and , electromagnetic field waves, numerical methods, operation research, discrete mathematics and physics lab and chemistry lab. The basic science form the foundation to pursue the applied sciences and technologies. Hence department of basic science act as a briolge between class twelth understanding and real professional core technical courses.